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Why "Laugh Doctor"
prescribes wit so often

Recognized worldwide for his innovative work with The HUMOR Project, Inc., Goodman insists laughter plays a vital role in the success of many marriages and corporations and can transform even the most trying episodes into positive — or at least tolerable — experiences. 

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Happier by the Dozen
We never had to sit on a cold toilet seat!

(Co-Written with brother Francis Hauprich)

We shared the same roof with 11 other human beings who loved and accepted us -- "warts and all."  

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Hope and Healing

Center for HOPE lights way
for missing across the USA

Suzanne Gloria Lyall was a beautiful 19-year-old SUNY/Albany sophomore with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes when she vanished without a trace from the college campus one evening nearly eight years ago.

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Hearts in the Sand
An inspirational story to
warm hearts & lift spirits

Stone quarry proprietor Nelson Pompa "paved the way" for many in New York State's greater Capital Region during his lifetime and was "a rock and a Teddy Bear" to his wife Agnes, whose own legacy includes being a model of mountain-moving faith, hope and love. 

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What have these people suffered
to become so beautiful?

Yet the longer I remained in the company of these burn patients, the more I witnessed their incredible courage, determination and inner strength -- the more beautiful they became in my eyes. 

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Grandma's Parting Miracle

"Just go in for five minutes and say a quiet prayer. She won't know you're there, but the prayer will be helpful." ... I wasn't so sure what good a prayer from the fallen away likes of me would do, but Grandma would be turning 100 in about a week, and I felt it important to at least bring a card and some flowers to help brighten her room in honor of the impending milestone.

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Personality Profiles

A few minutes ...
sharing warm boyhood memories
... with Andy Rooney!

"Uncle Bill was the best friend a young boy could ever have ... the first thing (he) did when we came to Ballston Spa was take me up Church Avenue to see his friend, Frank Winney. Frank had a butternut tree in his backyard and, if it was the season when the nuts were on the ground, we gathered them up and took them home. They were good in cookies, but the meat was difficult to extract from the shells."

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Mary Ann Mobley
As beautiful on the inside
as she is on the outside!

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, gazing into those through which Mary Ann Mobley views the world provides a glimpse into the breathtaking beauty of an earthbound angel.

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Business Profiles

Unbridled enthusiasm and passion for winning
give Palio the edge in corporate marketing race

"One of the main reasons I chose Saratoga as the location for Palio's headquarters was that I wanted to have my own family settled into a community that we all liked where there would be other employment possibilities if things didn't work out." Thankfully for wife, Deedee and their three young children, Mitzen's long shot paid off!

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Extra! Extra!
Read all about a match
made in PR heaven!

Long before Maureen and Ed Lewi ever went out on a date, others were betting theirs would be a match made in heaven. What none of the matchmakers could have predicated three decades ago was that efforts to bring the young widow and widower together would ultimately have a heavenly impact on the greater Saratoga/Capital Region!

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Impressions of Saratoga
As much a way of life as a way of making a living

"As hard as it is to believe, property in downtown Saratoga was relatively inexpensive in those days. There were all kinds of empty store fronts along Broadway and many second floors of businesses were vacant. The notion of running a thriving year-round business specializing in souvenirs would have struck just about everyone as ludicrous."

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When it comes to creativity,
Patty really takes the cake!

"Those who claim you can’t have your cake and eat it, too, have likely not yet visited The Patty-Cake Shoppe on Brookline Road in Ballston Spa, New York, where couples planning receptions are cordially invited to indulge in complimentary samples before finalizing their orders."

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Political & Social Issues

Leash laws lack teeth

It was doggone reassuring to know that the law included provisions for dogs to be leashed when in public areas and to be otherwise restrained should a leashed canine and its walker need to pass safely by their properties. It soon became clear, however,...

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Recovering alcoholics deserve our support

This is important to society as a whole because while not physically contagious in the way that leprosy is, those afflicted with the disease of alcoholism often harm others via drunk driving accidents, domestic violence incidents and every imaginable heartache in between.

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Ballston Spa can’t afford
convenience of big box store

No longer in Saratoga’s shadow, Ballston Spa is gaining recognition as a distinctively charming setting where residents and visitors can “stroll through history” while shopping for art, antiques and collectibles as well as a broad spectrum of other goods and services one would be hard-pressed to find in a big box store like Wal-Mart.

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