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The following are excerpts from some of the letters Ann has received in response to stories she has written -- as well as some of the things that have been written about her -- over the past three decades.

“I’ve been out of town, so I just read the articles this morning. They’re terrific, and I can’t thank you enough for the great Rotary piece on my dad . . . I couldn’t be happier with all your hard work.”

-- David Hyde Pierce, Actor

“Your piece for the summer edition of Saratoga Living Magazine is exceptionally well done. I’ve been writing for long enough to know how hard it is to get it right and you’ve done a job that amazes me. You not only got it right, you wrote it well. I am impressed.”

-- Andy Rooney, 60 Minutes

“We were honored to be featured . . . and also enjoyed reading the other stories you wrote about so many interesting people who are doing wonderful things in and around Saratoga. We look forward to sharing (the articles) with our friends.”

-- Mary Ann Mobley & Gary Collins

Having worked with editor Ann Hauprich for five years as a Saratoga Living freelancer, I must say I've never met such an upbeat editor, wholeheartedly committed to conveying her subjects with grace, accuracy, compassion, and -- when warranted -- a delightful touch of humor. As an individual, Ann lights up a room. As an editor and writer, she continually enlightens.

-- Wendy Hobday Haugh, Writer

“Ann is a versatile, thorough and reliable writer/researcher . . . her portfolio speaks for itself . . . (in addition) she has enormous personal warmth. Ann is a caring and sensitive person, an excellent listener and a clear thinker . . . a person of absolute professional and personal integrity.”

-- Fran Fearnley, Today’s Parent

“I’ve known Ann since 1974 when we were journalism students at Sheridan College and later worked with her at newspapers in Milton and Oakville, Ontario . . . I have always been impressed by Ann’s dedication and thoroughness. She is an extremely conscientious and talented writer who is able to perform a number of tasks under the stress of a deadline. Her energy and creativity are limited only by the number of hours in a day. As a supervisor, Ann led by example. She set high standards for herself and assumed a heavy workload. Ever fair-minded and helpful, she got the most out of her subordinates who were always willing to go the extra mile for her (because) they knew she would do the same for them. Although she always operates in a very businesslike and professional manner, Ann’s friendly personality is hard to suppress. At our first job, other reporters would joke that they would go out on assignments and return with good stories. Ann always returned with an excellent story and a new friend.“

-- Rod Jerred, Oakville Beaver

“When she was the editor of (a little paper in southern Ontario in the late 1970s), Ann called me in to do freelance work. I remember covering one story in which a man had drowned somewhere up north. I was given the task of writing about it. I called long distance and got what I thought was a laudable story. However, Ann asked me questions I had failed to ask. Despite long distance charges that made me sweat, I went back to the phone. When I had finished, there were still questions from Ann. I called a third time. Finally the story was complete -- to Ann’s satisfaction. Yet she did all of this without criticism, with complete understanding of my novice status. I admired the professionalism Ann showed at that time and my admiration has vastly increased over the years. I wish there were more like her.”

-- Barb Joy, Journalist

“Thank you, Ann, for the fabulous article "Happier By The Dozen." Truly, it sounded so much like the family of ten children that I am raising! My husband and I get plenty of comments about our family's size (both rude and kind), but we are raising blessings from God and don't mind being a bit odd by today's standards. We have so much fun together as a family, and you are right: living in a family of 12 means never having to sit on a cold toilet seat! Thanks for the positive perspective on something that most people just don't understand. And thanks for the laughs!”

-- Charlotte
proud and happy mother
of ten, ages 21-3
Spokane, Washingtonabode

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