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Following her high school graduation, Ann journeyed to Denmark as a Rotary International exchange student. While there, the upstate New York teenager enjoyed a surprise visit from classmate Tony Bucca -- who snapped this image for posterity inside a Danish train station on his way to Italy. After bumping into one another at a school reunion decades later, the friends began pooling their talents on editorial projects which typically bear credit lines that read: Stories by Ann Hauprich; Photographs by Antonio Bucca.

Representing District 7190 of Rotary International in the early 1970s was an enriching educational and cultural experience for Ann, seen here on a cobblestone street in Denmark. Achieving fluency in Danish made it possible for Ann to return to Scandinavia to further her studies and work in such diverse settings as a library and a grocery store. Today Ann is a the Vice-President of the Rotary Club of Ballston Spa -- the same one that sponsored her as an exchange student and inspired her to become a journalist over three decades ago!.

On assignment for The Sheridan Sun, the student newspaper of Sheridan College's Oakville campus, in the mid-1970s. Since that time Ann's bylines have appeared in Adirondack Life, Bluegrass Unlimited, Chatelaine, Country Woman, Exchange, The Gazette, GRIT: American Life & Traditions, Home & Country, New York Thoroughbred, The Oakville Beaver, Saratoga Living Magazine, The Saratogian, Today's Parent (Canada), The Toronto Star, Vermont Magazine, Women's Circle, Woodshop News and Writer's Digest. Click here Ann's career highlights.

Ann in the mid-1970s with parents Donald and Audrey Hauprich and her nine siblings. Click here to read all about her "Happier by the Dozen" family and see why they may have inadvertently contributed so much to the humor found in her newly published Deadlines, Headlines and Porcupines: The Laugh Lines Behind the Bylines book. (L-R and F-B: Pam, Mary, Ann, Andy, Char, Mom, Chris, Bill, Steve, Dad, Frank and Tim)

Three generations: Ann pictured here with her maternal grandmother Catherine Tiernan Bopp and mother Audrey Bopp Hauprich in November 1974. Click here to read a heart-touching story about Ann's final visit with her beloved grandmother.

Ann with first-born child, Tara Leigh, in 1984. Click here to read a wonderful story of trauma, hope and healing centered around her lovely daughter. (Story Excerpt: The burn trauma unit where my two-year-old daughter was hospitalized following a severe scalding accident in 1984 was filled with faces and bodies scarred and disfigured beyond belief. Yet the longer I remained in the company of these burn patients, the more I witnessed their incredible courage, determination and inner strength -- the more beautiful they became in my eyes.)

A giant stork poster by award-winning Canadian cartoonist Steve Nease made an ideal birth announcement decoration when faculty and staff representatives of the Brampton, Ontario campus of Sheridan College joined Ann (holding Teddy Bear) and some students for the unveiling of a new student newspaper she had helped to establish in the mid-1980s. The prized stork and several of Steve's other artistic creations can be found both inside and on the cover of Deadlines Headlines and Porcupines: The Laugh Lines Behind the Bylines.

Ann with her three sisters and mother at a family picnic in 1989 or 1990. From left to right: Mary, Audrey/mother, Ann, Pamela and Charlene.

Ann with her three daughters Tara, Marietje and Kiersten in 1994. Click here to read how they greatly helped to inspire their mom's newly published book Deadlines, Headlines & Porcupines: The Laugh Lines Behind the Bylines. (Excerpt: "Having three chicken-loving children under the rafters simply made the plucky rural writer more determined than ever to produce a manuscript that was worthy of a Pullet Surprise")

With a copy of Saratoga Living Magazine that she founded 1998 in a spare bedroom of her abode. (Click here to visit Saratoga Living Magazine.) Some of Ann's funny interview-related anecdotes included in her Deadlines, Headlines & Porcupines: The Laugh Lines Behind the Bylines book were derived while preparing articles for this publication .

Although Ann had the pleasure of interviewing actor David Hyde Pierce by phone for an in-depth magazine article in 2000, the pair didn’t actually meet until a year later when the star returned to his Saratoga Springs roots to participate in a Memory Walk to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association.

On hand to capture the unforgettable moment in Ann’s life (that included a spontaneous hug from the class act best known for his portrayal of Dr. Niles Crane on FRASIER!) was D. Keith Sherwood. After snapping a few pictures at the Memory Walk, Sherwood receives an autographed copy of Saratoga Living Magazine from David Hyde Pierce.

Getting ready for a celebrity interview in 2002. Some of the articles written about these interviews -- as well as much behind-the-scenes humor that went on while trying to meet editorial deadlines -- are included in Ann's new book. Click here to read more! You may also visit Ann's "Writing Samples" pages to read about some of the many interesting local personalities that she has had the opportunity to meet and write about over the years.

At The Whitney Gala with daughter Tara, Mary Ann Mobley and Gary Collins in 2003. Click here to read why Ann and her daughter found Mary Ann to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on outside!

Ann's sister (and Webmaster) Mary Hauprich Reilly, who also constructed the new website for The Rotary Club of Ballston Spa and for  Ann's fianceŽ, pianist/composer Cole Broderick. Mary is the other half of what Ann refers to as "Sister Act" in her new "Deadlines" book.


Ann (Dec. 2005) selling trees to raise funds for the same Rotary Club that sponsored her as an exchange student in 1971. Some of the proceeds from the sale of Ann's new book will be donated to help Rotary literacy programs both at home and abroad.
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Author Ann Hauprich's daughter, Tara, and Mary and Doug Lyall of The Center for Hope with photographer Michael L. Noonan & "Tudd The Wonder Dog" at the book signing and paw printing on August 15, 2006 at Border's Books. Michael will be the photographer involved in Ann's new book "Ballston Spa: The Way We Were; The Way We Are" available in area book stores in 2007.

With Mary Lyall of The Center for Hope at Border's Book signing for new Deadlines, Headlines and Porcupines: The Laugh Lines Behind the Bylines book.

Three generations of Hauprich women. Appearing left to right are: Audrey Bopp Hauprich, Ann's daughters Marietje and Kiersten, Ann and Ann's eldest daughter, Tara.

In 2009 Ann posed for this photo by Donna Martin of Village Photo, LLC. Ann is holding a copy of her 2006 book titled Deadlines, Headlines and Porcupines: The Laugh Lines Behind the Bylines In front of the chair appears the cover art for the book by Canadian cartoonist Steve Nease, Artistic Director of The Oakville Beaver. Ann laughingly refers to this caricature of her as Little Annie Loony.

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